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The dental department is one of the important departments, so Salamatak Dental Center is keen to apply the latest standards in quality policies in addition to taking care of the sterilization process as well as therapeutic services, including (radiation, nerve treatment, endodontics, treatment of diseases of the mouth, teeth, gums, face and jaws, dental implants, surgeries and fillings). Aesthetics, teeth whitening, cosmetic installations and dental lenses). Salamatak Dental Center is keen to use the latest medical technology in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry treatments, including dental implants, dental lumineers and Hollywood smiles. The center is characterized by the presence of a group of doctors with experience in the field of dentistry, where there are four of them since the opening of the center and the center provides all dental services. Salamatak Dental Center is one of the most prominent clinics specialized in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry and includes a selection of the most famous dentists with extensive experience. The clinics are also equipped with the latest technologies and devices used globally to ensure that patients receive the best levels of comfort, in addition to following sterilization and occupational safety procedures

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